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Well I passed on some RX8 wheels, and bought some 17" Miata wheels. ($200 bucks)
they are in good shape and wont need a refinishing. However I am left with a few questions.

Powder coating and Tire Size.

First, I can get them powder coated for free, as long as I do the prep work which I will basically be doing before I get tires put on anyways.
So having a Titanium Flash car, do I leave them silver for the only real color pop on the car? See attached old pic of my car. The chrome window strips are being replaced with black.
Color choices, dark or Hyper Silver, gold or as close to titanium as possible.

Second, Seems that a lot of people are running a 205-45 or 205-50 on the 7 inch rim. a 215-50 is pretty close to stock 18 size.
Looking for opinions form people how have tried, and again I have read over a few threads, and frankly the information varies based on what you need.
That is why I am now stating my needs: Highway driving about 50 miles a day, City driving about 20 miles a day. I like speeding the curves more than the flats, and I need to deal with potholes.
Also I am lowered on the Euro Mazda Springs so a little higher then corksport ride height

I read another thread talking about how good the Cooper Zeons were, but I have also been a Khumo fan for a while.

Really looking forward to what productive things you guys and gals have to offer.


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205s are what you want, either 45 or 50s. If you want your speedo to be close use the 50s. 45s are about an inch and a half smaller in diameter than OEM, where the 50s are about a half inch. 215s can be a bit wide for a 7 inch rim.
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