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Nice to be here. Great website. I got a lot of excellent information from the members before purchasing my 2010 MS3. Man, what a car...it's a blast! I'm the only MS3 owner in Port Alberni, but it might help, (hopefully), that my neighbour across the street is RCMP and a good guy. I told him at the mall that I'd have to watch my speed in my new rocket. He just smiled and said, " It doesn't matter what you drive". Hmm.

After giving my price to three dealers on Vancouver Island I got the best deal from from the good folk at Wolfe Langley Mazda. I got my ride for 31,600 plus 0% for 72 months=cash off plus 0% financing. I could have got 0.9% over 84 months if I'd wanted. (See the salesguy Tyler Sealey and tell him CapnAl referred you and Tyler will give me $100 finders fee which I will split with you), seriously. I have no other affilliation with this dealer.

I drove the car hard on the extremely tight twisties around Sproat Lake, and the highway to Tofino which also has some really challenging twisties as well, aaaand...what a freakin blast. My buddy got a little nervous when I almost went airborne at the top of a short hill, (spun the front tires when the front end came off the pavement which tells you I was flying... :). I told my wife that this is MY Car. She can keep the Sante Fe.

Administators, keep up the good work. Other members, thanks for the great information you post.

PS. I think the styling is unique and I LIKE IT. If you want a box on wheels, go buy something else.
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