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Hi peoples, I was looking for stereo installs with pictures for my newish 2017 Mazda3 Gt Sport 2.5. It's got less that 45,000 kilometers and yes I am Canadian.

Ive installed stereos in all of my own cars from 1979, I was 19 then, to the stereo I am about to install in my 2nd owner Mazda3. its a big deal for me as this will most likely be the last vehicle I will install a stereo in. The car has a Bose stereo, which is okay... But nothing what an audiophile(aka..SNOB) like myself.

I've been collecting car audio eqmt for a number of years, so I have an assortment of stuff I can chuck in and stuff I still have yet to purchase. As you all know the car stereos radio is a central unit, runs the blue tooth the maintenance records, am fm and blah blah blah. So the radio will be staying, the amp is junk just like the speakers and the centre bass speakers. All speakers will be replaced, the amp wiring by passed to a Kicker 5 channel amp, and a small is pair of 12's in the trunk for now. For now, until i can get all the goodies I want to get, like a much needed DSP, digital Sound Processor, (dont know which one, and I'm a stickler for buying top quality once, versus buying crap 5 times, then getting top quality.) anyone have a suggestion?

So far i have
Kicker IQ1000.5 5 channel amplifier
Audison voce 10" subwoofer AV 10
Clif Designs 6.5 component speakers
Clif Designs 6x9 2 way speakers
2 12" infinity's in a box...not so great
1 JBL 12" sub
1 Focal 16" with Focal amp on a box
2 Kenwood KGC 6042 Eq's of which I am about to sell on Ebay, One of the best Purchases I have ever made in my entire life.
I've got 3 caps, one pheonix Gold the other an Autobahn 12 Farad
and my best of the best
2 Xtant amps
Xtant X1001 1-Channel 1000 watts
Xtant X604 4-Channel 600W RMS per channel (part of the later stereo)

I'm not trying to show off, I am actually looking for unique installs and what people have done in the past for their stereos, and input from others who have done something about their own cars.

I'll be removing the rear plastic rear deck shelf, and replacing it with OEM Carpet, leaving the metal rear deck in, but installing 1" MDF, with a bottom plate to hold everything in place. put the 6x9 in the corners, put 10's in the middle, sell the 12's and box the 15. Then build a electric shelf that comes out of the bottom on the box that displays the amps. the 6.5 clifs will go in the doors, tweeters up high on the pillars made in their own fiberglass tweeter enclosures. I'm looking at getting a high output alternator.. and running a 0 or 1 gauge power cable through the car. high end speaker wires and... pull out the CD Player in the car and replace it with a couple of USB charging pods, 2-4 internal music inputs for zip drives, and another eq.. Kicker.. unless someone has a better idea.

That's about it, thank you for reading this BIG Intro and any tips to installing this is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for tips and looking forward to your inputs.

Chris A

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Car Audio installs in Gen 3 Mazda are a lot of work. The Cd location is the only spot and would require removal of the centre console.
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