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Just found your site! I've been a Mazda person since 1979 when I got a 1980 Mazda 626. Got an '84 626 and then a '94 GT turbo. Needed a new car in 2003 and Mazda did not have a car that worked with my bad back, so I ended up with a 2004 Subaru WRX Sport Wagon. Wore that out in the canyons and on the track and discovered the Mazda3 hatchback Grand Touring at the annual LA car show. Fell in love! Got the big motor and all the bells and whistles. Been thinking about a trailer hitch for transporting my Ducati, otherwise I'm happy with everything!


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Welcome to M3R. Nice car you have. Glad you are happy with it! Best of luck on your trailer hitch hunt. Here’s an install video.. Since you live on the west coast, and I believe this company still does install while you wait, you might have yourself a great road trip if you do not wish to install it yourself. I would however check about hitch weight and compatability with your Ducat1.



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Look at the video that followed the one provided earlier...:smile2:

I think the best would be to call the CUSTOM HITCH Company and talk with them. It is obvious they make a High Quality and SAFE Custom Hitch and claim for any vehicle.
A side note...U-haul Rental is very specif about what they will not rent for a trailer on some vehicles. I looked up for example a 2017 Mazda 3 Hatchback and you can rent a Motorcycle trailer if you have a hitch.
To compare there are some Ford Explorers (**4x4 6cyd) that they either do not recomend or will NOT rent any trailer to you.(**personally know this one had it happen to me)

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I think it would be best to talk to Mazda about towing a trailer. Those videos are advertising. Anyone will sell or rent something to you if there is profit involved regardless of actual manufacturer recommendations.

As for the Explorer and not being able to rent a trailer, that started when the exploding tires / rolling over thing was happening some years ago. Huge liability exposure so no trailers for 2010 or older Explorer owners.
U-Hauls statement-
U-Haul has chosen not to rent behind this tow vehicle based on our history of excessive costs in defending lawsuits involving Ford Explorer towing combinations.
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