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New member with mystery Mazda issue

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Hello all,

I have lurked here for a few weeks now before and since getting my lovely 2018 Mazda 3. I fell in love with her straight away. They way it handles and the way it looks, the comfort, its perfect for me. Its a 1.5 Diesel though and I havent seen many of them on here.

Now the mystery issue....
I was driving with on the motorway, about 60km into the journey and then a thud, and it just revved but made no wheel power. Pulling over I found it would go into gear fine, clutch would engage, it could pull itself along. However, when I would go to acellerate it was as if it was in neutral or the clutch was slipping and it would go nowhere, except sometimes it would for a few seconds.

It was under warrenty as I have had it litreally one week, bought from a dealer so I brought it back for them to look at. They say its a flywheel issue and it will be a week at least till the part arrives.... Something about thats not sitting right with me.

If anyone has any ideas please do let me know. I dont have the car to go looking at the parts myself.

Otherwise, glad to be here and hello from Ireland
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Turns out the last owner rode the clutch so much the dealer said they had never seen it that bad, resulting in a whole new clutch assembly and fly wheel
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