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Welcome to the forum. Nice looking ride. Planning any mods?
Definitely, and the info on this forum has already been a huge help. I picked up a navigation card on eBay, so that went in before I left the dealer's parking lot. The dealer's sticker came off the rear hatch shortly after I took the picture I posted.

I'd like to de-badge it, but I'm aware of the pins / holes. I'll probably take off the "3" and the "skyactive" badge, then get a price for filling in the holes and touching up the paint if I take the other two pieces off. If it's more than I want to spend, I might just black them out. I'd also like to black out the chrome pieces under the grill.

I have a set of 18" Enkei EKM3 wheels in Gunmetal with Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 tires, but they won't be on the car for a few weeks. One of them got some minor damage in shipping and it's out being repaired. The oem tires will go up for sale and Continental Wintercontact SI snow tires are going on the 16" factory wheels.

I'm considering JBR sway bars, but I want to see how it handles with the tire / rim upgrade before I make that decision.
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