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I recently purchased a new 2017 White Pearl Mazda 3 sedan 2.0 sport. I've installed the CS RSB, FluxBeam X LED Headlights (low beam only so far), have the Auto Exe STB on order, installed Kosei K4R 16" wheels with General G-Max AS-05 tires for daily driving. I have another set of 16" Mazda Aluminium wheels which will be getting Bridgestone RE-71's for Fun drives on back roads and trips to the Tail of the Dragon. I won't be doing any engine mods because, what's the point in it, no real power to be had. I just came from a 2008 MS3 with 430-450 whp, sold it before buying the MZ3. I've done race car so I wanted an inexpensive practical car that was fun to drive and got great gas mileage, really only one chose for me.

I'm a member of the Midwest Mazda club, TN/KY Nator group and have been a member of most of the Mazda/Mazdaspeed groups at one time or another. I started Mazda Dragon Camp in 2009 after attending EECMM that spring, attended EECMM from 2009-2014. I've spent many long weekends at Tail of the Dragon and made countless passes in my 08MS3. I'll probably make my first trip there in the new car this coming spring, won't be nearly as fast but I'm sure it will still be fun. I'm no longer leading Mazda Dragon Camp after turning the events over to others last year. There is a spring event in April and a fall event in October, spring has the biggest group but Fall is pretty in the mountains and my favorite time of the year.

I'm 08cosmic3 on other boards
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