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Hey guys, i've been a mazda owner since 2015 when I bought my first car; '04 MZ3 hatch 2.3 auto in winning blue mica. Insane car, super reliable, fun, enough space for student life...list goes on. I used to lurk this and other forums getting info and helpful guides on customizing my first car (which I never went through with).

I retired it early this year when it reached 300k km and started developing major issues and decided to replace it with a '14 GT hatch with tech and premium package in soul red, pretty much the whole package, the car even came with the hood protection film from factory. It had exactly 60k on it when I bought it and i've put a solid 10k on it since then.

The reason i've decided to come on the forums is because this is the first car I plan to put 100k kms on and I think i'm going to need help and support on the way. A few threads I plan to create are a personal, consolidated build thread where I will document, and hopefully interact with some of you throughout, my journey of customization (a lot of parts have already arrived so no backing out now).

I also would like to get information on things like warranty and repair procedures, how to get the best service... but I don't know this forum quite like the back of my hand so i'll need help navigating around. Speaking of, where should I start posting my build thread???

Without further ado, say hello to Little Red Riding Hood.:grin2: (I'm keeping that name)

P.S sorry for the potato quality, getting a new phone soon


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