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Hey guys, 2012 speed3 owner from Canada. Not a lot of "support" up here for the platform so hoping I could find what I'm looking for here! I use the classifieds quite a bit when I was on other forums for several different cars.

A little about me - 28 years old serving in the military as an infantryman with 2RCR Battalion in New Brunswick. I've always been into cars and the Speed3 definitely reminded me why I got into cars in the first place. This is my first "tuner" car in the last little while as I've been doing the Audi/BMW thing for the last few years. I have a pretty diverse driving profile having been part of the motorsport community for the last 7 years (AutoX and Time attack/lapping) and just buying/building/selling cars on the side. I've had everything from a 71 stingray corvette to a 92 RX7 to a 2009 Audi S8 to sort of give you an idea =).

A little about the car - 2012 Speed 3 with:
-Autotech HPFP
-Cobb AP V2
-Corksport SRI
-Corkport TIP
-Corksport CBE
-STD Suspension R3 Coilovers
-Powerstop Zinc Crossdrilled/Slotted rotors f/r
-Powerstop Z23 Carbon Ceramic pads f/r
-Stoptech SS brake lines f/r
-Rays Engineering MSGT-II 18x8 wheels

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