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Just got my 2016 Mazda 3 iSport Sedan. Only 41k miles. I'm curious to see if anyone knows what upgrades can be made with OEM Mazda parts to make it look like a higher trim level. (i.e. - Aero kit: Side skirts, front air dam, rear aero kit, fog lights, interior upgrades, LED headlights, etc). Obviously some of these things aren't feasible w/o using aftermarket parts.

I'm not opposed to using aftermarket as long as the quality is high and I'm not afraid to default to professional installers and Mazda dealership for OEM installs.

I don't race this car, I'm very much looking to preserve it and keep it running well for a long time but performance upgrades aren't out of the question if they don't compromise the reliability of it. (Corksport, etc)
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