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Hi all. Been lurking here for about 3 months, since right before I bought my 1st M3 HB. You guys have been a wealth of great info. Used the random posts here to decide on the M3. Had to get a manual transmission, and there are just so few options anymore. Then used guides I found here to install pedals, Eibach pro kit, and Borla exhaust once I got it. Had the appearance package (poorly) installed by the dealer. Car was almost perfect to what I wanted when I got rear-ended in a multi-car accident and it was totaled barely 2 months after I purchased.

Attached photo is from the police report. Something you don't ever want to actually know about 1st hand, but this car behaved amazingly in the collision. Poor little car got thrown all over the place but I was able to walk out with nothing too serious as far as injuries. The fact that I could even open both driver side doors with no problem is amazing.

So...now I'm on take two. Still fighting the insurance, but couldn't be in a rental forever so bought the new one last Monday. Spending my Veterans Day holiday to install the springs and exhaust again - definitely a lot fast the second time around. Will install the appearance package myself next time. Just waiting for the settlement before I purchase that.

The one bright side is that in the 2 months since I bought the first one, Android Auto became a default install. Was pretty surprised when I picked up the new one and it already had it!


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