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Hello all.

I recently (as in yesterday) purchased a brand new 2017 3i Sport. This is actually my 3rd Mazda ('99 10th Anniversary Edition Miata, '04 3s GT), not including the ones I've encouraged my wife ('10 CX-7 SV) and step-brother ('14 2 Sport) to purchase. I'm very family with a lot of the in's-and-out's of these cars and have done a good amount of maintenance and repairs to them.

Once upon a time I was part of a Mazda forum, but have come here today because of a strong interest in unlocking the potential of the Infotainment system. On my '04 I added in an auxiliary input using AuxMod, so seeing some of the potential that this new system could do has me really excited.

Anyway, see everyone around.

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Welcome Schweppes7T4! Glad you returned to more Mazda ownership.

Good luck on your unlocking. Lots of smart folks here to help you.
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