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New M3 owner from California

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Hi All, long time lurker from when I owned 1st gen Speed3, but now that I just picked up a Sonic Silver 2017 3 GT hatch, thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself.

Just traded in a '16 WRX for the M3. Back in summer of 2015, I was looking to sell the '09 Speed3 and get into my first automatic transmission car due to heavy traffic during commute(ave speed of 10mph) after moving. Looked at the 3, GTI, and WRX. Went with WRX, thought it would be good compromise. Turns out turbo lag combined with CVT lag made it just unacceptable. I was driving in manual mode 90% of the time to reduce lag and get back more control, but that defeats the purpose of getting an auto tranny in the first place. I liked the steering, chassis, and 4 wheel drive, but the drivetrain got old. Also missed the practicality of the hatch.

So I started to look for a replacement couple of months ago. Again, looked at the 3 and GTI. There is up to $7K discount on the GTI due to effects of dieselgate, so GTI was good value. Test drove both cars twice. I went with the 3 mostly due to NA 2.5 and very good transmission. There is linearity and consistency in the M3's drivetrain that no other new cars I have driven can match. GTI still had lots of turbo lag in idle to throttle situations, and felt that DSG transmission surge from a stop would really annoy me during the commute. Despite the discounts on the GTI, 3 is still a better value for what it provides, and cheaper to run.

I'm liking the 3 so far, feels like a mini-lux cruiser. Very comfortable and quiet. Still puts grin on my face when tach climbs to 6K and running corners, car feels beautifully harmonized, like all the teams worked together to create it.

Features I really like and using a lot so far:
-Console infotainment knob and controls, love having this while driving, it's a must have now
-No lockout from N to D. At lights, I can put it in N and hit the ebrake, then just shift to D and hit go when light turns. Relief from brake foot fatigue.
-Initially I did not like the HUD, in fact was a deal breaker when looking couple of years ago. But with more info and color, I've grown to like it.

Features it should have or dont like:
-Auto-up and down on all windows on all doors
-Lighted glovebox
-Black headliner
-Lane departure and adaptive CC are half-baked and need more refinement
-No halo DRL, uses headlights
-LED head and tail lights but none elsewhere

I just plastidipped the wheels black base with graphite metallizer, it took more work than expected, and the finish is just okay, looks good from 50ft but up close you can see the imperfections. I might just them re-finished eventually. I was also going to upgrade the horns knowing how pathetic stock Speed3 horn was, but was pleasantly surprised that 17s have dual two-tone horns already and sound decent, so that's something that can be done later. Next is V1 hardwire and tint.
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congrats. What do you mean by adaptive CC is "half baked"?
What I meant is it's too conservative or allows too much space for heavy traffic, if it can keep close distance in bumper to bumper traffic with stopping abilities, it'll be really useful. I'll probably never use it unless I get on a road trip outside of California.
oh ok.. thanks for clarifying. From what i've read about adaptive CC it's useful only for highway cruising at higher speeds not stop and go. I have never used it but i'm getting my car shortly and interested in trying it out.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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