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Ok so I decided to open my big mouth and tell my wife ohhhh ya its easy to put in a system in your car><>?":{}... Here is what Im doing, I have 2016 Mazda CX-3 sport and have installed 2 sets of Kicker components in doors, installed a 4 channel hifonics Brutus amp to run them, a kicker amp for sub and a audio control lc7i. here is my issue the sound is weak and horrible and not being amplified. I am getting no sound out of amp for sub as well. after spending so much wasted time trying to find a wiring diagram for this stupid car with no luck I called dealer and spoke to a rude stuck up tech and he told me everything comes from center council, not the unit under passenger side sidewall. which even confused me more because the wires at doors match what is on the unit on floor board not what is behind center council. here are some pics of what I am talking about. when I did install from this location it did not even seem like it was going through dsp to amp. And the only thing I can find out about this on mazda part is that its a tuner/amp.. what am I doing wrong if anybody could offer some wisdom I would deeply appreciate it. I was able to locate these wiring charts but again it does not match with what tech said. well this forum site wont allow me to add any pics due to this being my first post but if any one needs a picture to see what Im talking about let me know and I will PM or email them to you. thanks guys
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