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Hi there!

My name is Roman, I'm new on the forums. After a couple of years of savings thanks to my internship, this summer I finally got myself a Mazda 3 GS (Canadian trim) for a decent price. I'm very excited to spoil my car in any way, however, I want to keep it clean and classy. Being a student in software and computer engineering, I always wanted to know how do ECU's work and what kind of state machines are they using. That being said, during my free time I try to implement systems that function similarly to ECU's, given different simulators. Anyway, this summer (because now it's winter and in Canada its bad), I plan to buy several mods and install them myself. So far, I have the following list:

Wheels choices:
-Enkei RFP 1's
-Dai Autobahn DW48
-Konig Feather

-Corksport Power Series : Mazda Exhaust System | 60mm Exhaust
or any other decently sounding, non-fartcan.

Springs+struts choice:
-Koni Yellows and appropriate springs
I don't plan to lower it so much, just enough for looks since snow here is a big issue.

As well, I plan to:
-Tint rear windows (within legal limits).
-Install OEM foglights and cover them with yellow tint ( à la JDM).
-I already have MazdaSpeed3 headlights so I assume they are already bolt on hence I will have HID's as well! :)
-Install window visors (I hate when it rains and water gets in).
-Install a roof rack (Yakima or Thule) since I'm also a big fan or downhill biking.

That's pretty much it! I already have ordered several parts, but still deciding on the wheels and exhaust systems and ca't wait for the summer to come so that I get my hands on this project!

Stay tuned guys, it's gonna be awesome!


Car: :)


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:welcome: and congrats, Roman! Thx for the detailed intro and lovely pics. Looking forward to hearing more as you proceed with the mods! :wink:
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