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Hi, All-

Pulled the trigger on a new 3i Sport last week-Gunmetal Blue,5-speed- sweet ride-it's my(our) 3rd Mazda-I had a 91 Miata for seven years when I was single-our second son's arrival made that go to a new home, and we bought a new '96 Protege and got 175000 miles before we sold it. The one unsettling feeling I had was after I drove it home, the first thing my 12-y/o son said was,"..I'll learn to drive in it..."
I don't know that I'll be tweaking the engine and suspension(audio NOT included,I may be on the far side of 50, but I like my music) unless I can improve my mpg -I have a 100-mile round trip for a commute every day-I've been clocking the mpg so far, and if I stay at 55-60 on the highwaywith the cruise control, I'm able to get about 34-35 mpg with the 2.0 engine and 5-speed and keeping the AC turned low-fan at 1 and temperature about 10 oclock. That way, I don't feel guilty about goosing it on the odd curve here and there.

Looking forward to another 175,000 good miles,

New Hampshire

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Welcome Jim-

I hope I can 175k out of mine too. There were a few posts made reagarding Crutchfield and audio. I know they have some great prices and a good team there to help folks.
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