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New 3 Owner with Questions

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As a new owner of a 2012 Mazda3 I Sport Sedan in Crystal Pearl White Mica (purchased used with 6100 miles on the clock), I waded through all the Mazda and Mazda3 Forums (and there are plenty) on the web to find the best one. The one with the best questions, insight and answers. This forum is it.

I made the switch from being a life long Ford guy when my daughter purchased a 2011 Mazda3 I Touring. I was so impressed with how fun the car drove and how responsive the handling was, I purchased one as well. So now I’m a Mazda guy, a very HAPPY Mazda guy.

Working on some resolving some gremlins, I’ve got some questions…

The right dash air vent rattles like crazy. How do you remove the vent so the rattle can be mitigated?

The cold/hot mixing dial on the climate control system makes a plastic on plastic “creaking” sound when it is turned. How do I eliminate the creaking sound?

The previous owner used some blasted chemical that clouded up the lenses of the speedometer and tachometer. I purchased new lenses but can’t figure out how to get the one piece trim ring off the front of the lenses (without destroying everything!). Are there any service manuals on this site that would reveal this mystery or has anyone been successful at this kind of surgery?

Lastly, what is the brand and type of the stock spark plugs for these vehicles? Everyone I ask has a different answer and the Owners Manual just gives a part number.

Many thanks,

2012 Mazda3 I Sport Sedan
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