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Hello All!

I've just picked up a new Mazda3 Automatic hatchback and I'm experiencing some strangeness from the brake pedal.

When releasing the brake, toward the upper end of the travel, there seems to be some "stiction" or "stick and slip" that can be felt in the pedal and heard quite loudly as "clicks" or clunks. On the downward stroke it seems fine. Brakes seems to work fine, no spongy or excessive stiffness. Checked the linkage as well, nothing looked out of place, putting my finger on things seems to suggest that it's originated from behind the booster push rod.

I felt it during the test drive as well, but figured it's at most a linkage issue or maybe even just needed some break-in and it's the only "J" letter VIN I can find in the trim I wanted.:frown2:

Has anyone seen this? Does it improved over time? I feel like if it's just "Wearing in", I'd rather not let the dealer remove the MC and change out the booster.

Happy Holidays!
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