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Greetings. I've been a member here since 2015, but mostly lurked. I bought this car for my wife, but we recently had a child so upgraded her to a 2017 CX-5, sold my 2 door and took over the 3 as my daily.

Here it is:

Bought stock (PO tinted windows)


18" Drag DR-33s.

Wife got rear ended so I had to replace the license plate frame, CorkSport! :)

Found a matching Speed3 spoiler on Ebay. Brand new, used as a showroom display. Wired and swapped.

Accidentally backed into a concrete pillar in a parking garage. Doh. It was July 4th and had a bunch of people piled in, just got distracted.

Thankfully damage was just to the bumper. Took it to get fixed, and used it as an excuse to paint two tone. Also added Thule racks.

Currently with 18" Gunmetal Battles. Also 5 mm hub centric wheel spacers on rears.

Speed3 Wannabe
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Future modifications:
  • Debadge
  • Rally Armor Mudflaps
  • Front Lip
Probably won't happen, but we'll see mods:
  • K&N Short Ram Intake
  • Borla Catback Exhaust
  • Slight drop
  • Speed3 Hood
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