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Hey guys, I'm very noob to this type of stuff, so i'm posting in hopes that someone will kindly help me out :)

I have purchased a pair of OEM side skirts off of ebay... This is the link to them, it's probably no help but still :D Mazda 3 2010 Up 4 5DR Style Side Skirts | eBay

I have almost finished completely painting the side skirts with the base coat etc... and am now thinking of how to install it without having to pay a pricey fitting fee. From what i can see on the inside of the side skirts, it has 3M tape or whatever it is... but it also comes with Bolts and these clamp sort of things.. again I'm very new to this stuff so I don't know the exact name for these things. I'll provide some photos, and if anyone is willing to help me out and want's a couple of more photos to see how to install these bad boys, I'll gladly provide more :)

Thank you very much guys :)

Also my car is a Mazda 3 Hatchback 2011


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