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hallow all. sorry about my English. I hope you will understand me.

first of all. i want to know if there is a guide the I can read to understand how to make changes to my RBCM. (like auto door lock), I have cx5 2012 with non-original media so I can't change it from my head unit. (I even don’t know if I can do that in 2012 model)

another thing.
i try to change my trunk lamp to led. and accidently make contact between the + and -… I thought I will find fuse for that. But I understand that maybe I make damage to my RBCM.
*** now… all working fine even the lights in the car are ok. but i don't have any light in the trunk.
can I program or make a hard reset to the rbcm ?
I want to try fix it like that. And if I can't I’ll buy a used /new one

thank you alll
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