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Need help with Coilovers

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So i have a 2014 mazda 3 and am looking to lower my car however need some help because this is my first time ever doing coilovers. Looks like ive settled on the Godspeed mono-ss coilovers however am still open to suggestions but dont want to spend a crazy amount. Anyway when i do go to install these coilovers what should i look out for in order to make the process easier on myself, ive seen people put coils in before and it seems pretty straight forward but each car has their own annoyances so any help would be much appreciated. Also i keep seeing BM thrown around when looking at coils, what does that mean???
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BM is like the model code and that refers to the production years so make sure it is for a BM model which your car is. Check the How-To section for the service manual because it will give you the torque spec and instructions. It is very large so I suggest using a computer instead of a phone.
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