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Need Assistance ASAP- *Cutting Bump Stops*

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I have some questions and need help! I'm installing Tein H Techs tomorrow, and am confused on the cutting the bump stop part (I'm a noobie for this kind of stuff:/).... So I know one cuts it 30mm for the front, and 35mm for the rears (recommended to cut fronts and rears) .

1). So do we measure it from the top and subtract 30/35mm and then cut?

2). After we cut it, what part do we use? The top only, or still use both? I read that for in cs springs that the larger portion goes onto the strut piston... is that the case for H Techs ( @minsanity )? *Do we discard the bottom part then?*

3). What about this chart?
Bump Stop Trimming - TEIN USA Blog

The figures A, B, C, D.... do you know which one is for the Mazda 3?

Thanks in advance!
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Just measure & cut from the bottom. Like figure A in your Tein blog. Put the top part back & keep or discard the bottom part. :)
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