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Nav crashing Infotainment

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Hi everyone!

I just picked up my new mazda3 (second one I've owned) and I have run into a small issue while navigating.
I was driving to a destination with the nav on and the infotainment system randomly rebooted while on the highway, once it turned back on it rebooted again almost immediately. The same thing happened the next day I was driving to the same destination (I now knew the way, I was just testing the system). After the second time this happened I checked to see if there was a map update that might help solve the issue, there was an update and I went ahead with it.....today I tested again while driving to the same destination and it rebooted twice again, in the same spot everytime.

I was wondering if anyone was having any weird issues with the nav like this, the car is a 2017 mazda3 Sport GT with the Premium package, I never had issues like this on my old mazda3 (2014 sport GS).

The OS firmware version is 59.00.441 NA N
Fail-Safe version is 59.00.441

I'm thinking this is an isolated bug but if anyone has any comments/suggestions it would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
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It originally crashed on the version that was on it when I got the car in the middle of February, so I updated on Feb 18, Naviextras said this was the newest version, crashes on this version too. Not sure what version # it is at the moment, I'll have to check later in the day.

If I recall correctly it crashes on the 401 in Toronto around Weston Rd. I'll use navigation again tomorrow and see if I can get the exact location when it crashes.
If you find your system rebooting once in a while, especially near airports or large microwave towers, it is most likely strong electromagnetic interference that is disrupting the system. Airport radar or similar. My Mio C230 GPS unit was really bad in that regards due to very poor shielding. Mazda has admitted to poor shielding in the North American models, and that is the main reason why WiFi had to be disabled.
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