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I was attempting to update the firmware from v56.00.100 4A N to v70.0.100 4A N and followed all the instructions to the letter. I was doing this to prepare for the Carplay adapter.

I was able to install the v70 failsafe. I then attempted to install the update and the system couldn't find it. (It found the file, but was stuck on Connecting To Firmware.(I think that was the message).

I waited 20 mins and it didn't move. (I understand it should have started the update at around 3-4 mins). I had to turn the car off at this point and then turned the acc back on and the software started ok. So I thought I should be fine as the actual update hadn't started.

I went back inside to read more and check my file again. When I came back the next day the car had been started and the screen was now black. I tried to follow the blind reset instructions I found online but it didn't work.

Now I just have a black screen however I can still hear the radio.

There must be some way I can recover this? Please help!

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