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Question--what camber would i end up with if i put the MZ3 camber kit on a stock 2011 MS3 hatch?

Why do I ask....
So I just went through another set of tires on my 2011 Mazda 3s Hatch (not an MZ3 mind you). New set of tires, fresh alignment, and noticed from the post-alignment printout that the rear camber is just over -2 degrees on both sides. A couple of hours of reading later now know that this is a "feature"--that benefits some, but not my mildly driving wife. So I am looking to get closer to -1 degree to reduce the rate of tire wear. While I am handy, and know that SPC has a reasonable adjustable link kit--but it is a PITA to adjust and doesn't do well in areas with road salt...
I also saw that some have swapped in the following:
OEM Mazdaspeed Mazda 3 Camber Link Kit GRMS-8M-L07
Example of what I'm talking about is avail if you search ebay for Mazdaspeed Mazda 3 Camber Link Kit GRMS-8M-L07 (not linking directly so a mod doesn't think I'm trying to sell anything).

I've searched this and a couple of other forums--I haven't been able to find anyone that has put these on an otherwise stock MS3 and what the resulting camber is (without any lowering springs). If these got me reasonable close to -1 degree, I'd prefer them because this car will see road salt and I don't actually need to adjust them otherwise--reasons the SPC/similar are not as preferable vs. the MZ3 ones (I did see all the goodness discussed at the thread titled best rear camber arms (not linking because i don't have enough posts yet! :laugh2:).

Thanks in advance for anyone's thoughts.



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If its OEM spec thats pretty self explanatory. You don't need to replace the factory part with another similar part that is non-adjustable. Street Unit is not exactly a reputable name-
Anyhow, your tire issue may not be camber. With only -2° camber, if the inside of the tire is wearing abnormally chances are the toe angle is the problem. I would look into getting at least a set of adjustable toe arms, if not camber arms also so as to have completely independent adjustments of both.
I'm not sure why you think that the adjustable arms won't work if there is salt on the roads. If you are worried about corrosion just make sure everything that threads together is covered with never seize and keep it clean, maybe even spray them with Fluid Film.
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