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MY Mazda 3 Build Thread - Almost Totaled & Rebuilt

Hey Guys , I am new to this forum, im Just posting everything i have done with my Mazda 3 so far! I purchased a 2005 Mazda 3 2.3l and quickly learned about the issues with it. within 2 weeks of owning it I nearly totaled it when I hit a deer. I fixed everything and this is what I ended up with.
-Replaced VVT actuator
-Replaced Tensioner Pulley and Belts
-Replaced Front Struts
-Re Upholstered Seats


And then I Hit a Deer.... on my way to get my roof rack. :( 2 weeks before my wedding too!
and the thing that made it even worse is here is what i had just sold before i bought my Mazda 3: it would of destroyed the deer, not the truck lol:

My friend and i built that bumper, the mounts were 1/2" plate, it wouldn't of done much lol.

Here is what happend to the Mazda
*Broke the core support in half
*ruined the hood
*Broke the hood latch
*Passenger side fender was toast
*Broke the Power steering Pump
*cut a coolant hose
*Headlight was ruined
*Grille was ruined
* Bumper was all scuffed up
* broke the condenser
and some other small stuff

It came really close to ruining the engine and drive belts, just a few more inches in and it would of.

I got it Working enough to drive it, i used a ton of zip ties, some JB weld and some clamps, Drove it like this for like a month while i waited for parts

Then the work soon began to fix it for good:

Might as well replace the PCV Valve while everything was off, the 2.3L is bad about these causing oil consumption. still a pain to get too!

New Wheels , tires, core support, condenser, PCV Valve, Passenger side motor mount ( the old one made lots of noise and was bad)

Charging the AC!

Body Panels installed and painted! Got the Mesh Grille and put the Mazdaspeed badge in it, Tinted Fog lights yellow.

Plasti Dipped the Emblems black and lowered it on Tein S Techs:

Plasti Dipped the door moldings Black, my clear coat was going bad on my wing so i plasti dipped the top of it black

I still have a dent in my passenger side rear door from the previous owner i need to fix.
But thats it so far!

To Dos:
Corksport Exhaust with High flow Cat
Corksport Intake
Rear Camber Kit
Wheel Spacers

Here are my other Mazdas I have had:
1996 MX6 with 88,000 miles
V6 5spd
Wheel spacer
RX-7 Oem wheels with goodyear eagle GT tires

1999 protege
Corksport Stainless Exhaust
17inch wheels
Tein S techs
Mazda Speed Protege Rear Wing

Thanks Guys glad to be on the Forum. :cheesy:

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Here is an overview everything so far I believe I have done to my car
2005 Mazda 3 s 5spd 2.3L
-New VVT Actuator (I was experiencing a clattery/ slap noise when I started it, did some research and that is what it was, scared me half to death it happened a day after I bought it!)
-New Front Struts ( I knew they were blown when I bought it, the passenger side was so bad the tire was bouncing uncontrollably and had bulged the tire, I drove it 450 miles home like that)
-Had the interior Ozone treated to get rid of odors (it smelled like cigarettes and a billion black ice air fresheners)
- Re upholstered all seats ( bought kit on ebay, the driver’s side was full of cigarette burns)
-Unfogged headlights
(Hit the Deer)
Ordered nearly all the parts off Amazon.com
-Installed Thule roof rack
-Replaced electric power steering pump
-Replaced PCV valve (helped fix some of the oil consumption issues, I swapped to a 10w30 and that helped a lot, the 2.3l is real bad about eating oil haven’t found why.)
-Replaced Passenger Side Motor Mount (It was making this awful rattling noise upon acceleration, turns out the motor mount was shot)
-Installed 17x7 ASA AR1 TI GUNMETL wheels on 205/50ZR-17 Sumitomo HTR Z III XL tires
- Replaced Condenser
-Replaced Core Support
-Replaced passenger Headlamp
-Installed all new bulbs Sylvania ZXE HID attitude in all lamps
-Replaced Dipstick
-Serviced A/C system ( still experiencing issues with the A/C controls)
-Replaced Hood Latch
-Replaced hood, fender, bumper after having them painted by a shop here in town. Hood had some damage upon shipping but it was fixable
-Installed Mesh grille with Mazda speed badge
- Replaced plastic tabs that hold inner fender well and plastics under bumper
-Installed Tein S Tech springs
-Had alignment done
-plasti-dipped emblems/ wing
-Installed Sylfex Auxmod ( it works but the soldering on the input isn’t very good and it causes it to go mono every once in a while)
That’s it so far.

Issues that I still have:
-Oil Consumption, not bad but annoying having to check the oil all the time, did compression test, I can’t remember the exact number but it was pretty consistent through all cylinders. I noticed a ton of carbon build up in the intake when it was off, I cleaned it as much as I could but it was still gross.
- A/C Controls have a mind of their own at times, when running full blast the A/C likes to turn on and off and the lights don’t work on the knobs
- Driver’s side window switch is touchy, to roll up the driver window you have to hold both the driver and passenger window switches.

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Damn man, that sucks. I hit a deer on way to track, duct tape and a hammer. Did the whole weekend no problem, crazy how much damage you got from that hit. Happy you fixed it and nice car, keep at it :)


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