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My 2017 Eternal Blue OEM+ Mazda3 HB GT Build

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I figured I should consolidate my mods into one thread to keep better track of my car's progress. So anyway, this is my 2017 Mazda 3 Hatchback Grand Touring. I bought it from the original owner with approximately 24k on the clock. I like to do OEM+ style mods so don't expect any crazy body kits or vinyl wraps馃槀. I try to keep part numbers and install instructions so if there are any parts you see on my car that you'd like more info on, let me know!

2017 Mazda 3 Hatchback
Eternal Blue
Grand Touring
Premium Package

Exterior Mods
OEM Front and Rear Parking Sensors with On-Screen Display
OEM Rear Bumper Guard
OEM Aero Front Lip
OEM Aero Rear Bumper Diffuser
OEM Aero Rear Spoiler/Wing
OEM BP Mazda3 Hatch Emblem
OEM BP SkyactivG Hatch Emblem
OEM Hood Insulator
OEM Rear View Camera Automatic Cleaner
OEM Door Sill Plates
OEM BP Illuminated Door Sill Plates
IkonMotorsports MP Style Side Skirts
AutoEXE Exhaust Tips
AliExpress Mirror Black Pillar Covers
AliExpress Strut Tower Cover Caps
Nissan Versa Front License Plate Bracket
AutoEXE Hood Dampers
Spieg Power Folding Mirrors
AliExpress Automatic Folding Mirror Module
AliExpress LED Rear Reflectors (Rear Fog Lights)
AliExpress Power Liftgate

Interior Mods
OEM CX-5 Steering Wheel Full Script Buttons
OEM EU Rear Seat Belt Sensors
OEM EU Indicator Unit
OEM Remote Start
OEM CX-9 Black Overhead Console w/LED Downlight
OEM CX-9 Black Rear Dome Light w/Buttons
OEM Frameless Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror
OEM Mazda6 Passenger Kick Panel w/insulation
OEM Android Auto/CarPlay Module
OEM Rear Trunk Carpeted Mat
OEM Rear Cargo Area/Rear Seat Back Cover
OEM Cargo Net and Clips
OEM Canadian Premium Floor Liners
OEM Aluminum Accelerator Pedal
OEM Aluminum Brake Pedal
OEM Aluminum Dead Pedal
OEM Cargo Tray
OEM European Center Dash Vents (Open/Close Wheel)
OEM CX-3 Chrome Tip Window Switches
Illuminated Passenger Window Switches

OEM Mazda6 Auto Up/Down Chrome Tipped, Illuminated Passenger Window Switches
OEM Vietnamese Window Switch (Chrome Tipped & Power Folding Mirror Switch)
OEM CX-9 Driver's Window Switch (Chrome Tipped, Power Folding Mirror Switch, Illuminated Lock Button)
OEM Mazda6 Auto Up/Down Window Motors
OEM Rear Fog Light Headlight Stalk
OEM Black Grab Handles
OEM Black Sun Visors
OEM EU Dash Buttons (Including Parking Sensor Button)
OEM Lower Dash Rear Hatch Button (Open/Close Power Liftgate)
OEM CX-5 Liftgate Button
Amazon Red Start/Stop Button Cover
Velcro Tape for Center Console Tray
AliExpress Automatic Sunroof Closer Module
AliExpress Aluminum Seat Adjustment Knob Covers
Felt-Lined Glove Box
AliExpress 10.1" Screen Android/OEM Radio/Nav Unit
AliExpress Integrated Dashcam
PPF Lined Window and Shifter Trim

OEM LED Footwell Interior Lighting Kit
OEM DRL Lighting Kit (Halo's Only)
OEM LED Luggage Compartment Lights
Kia Glove Box Switch and LED Glove Box Light
SiriusLED Front Turn Signals
SiriusLED Rear Turn Signals
SiriusLED Backup Lights
SiriusLED License Plate Lights
SiriusLED Dome Light
SiriusLED Map Light
AliExpress Sequential LED Mirror Turn Signals
LAMIN-X Yellow Film on Fog Lights


When I first picked up the car:

First thing I had to take care of was the unsightly dent in the driver side rocker panel:

Figured the cheapest way would be to cover it up with a side skirt (and a good excuse to buy some). I decided on IkonMotorsports MP Style skirts as they came painted and fully covered the dent. The OEM skirts wouldn't cover it:

After "fixing" the dent, I decided to tackle the horrible condition of the steering wheel. Previous owner must have worn tons of lotions, creams, and make up as it had become a coating on the wheel:


After many passes with leather cleaner:

I prefer using Android Auto so next was to update the CMU and install the OEM unit:



(Also wrapped the shifter surround panel as I couldn't stand the scratches)
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Hi, well done.
Regarding the aliexpres screen in your list. If you look at the review at the bottom of these pages: https://t.ly/Myi9S and https://t.ly/mPOT they say not all applications can occupy the full screen and the quality takes a massive hit. I wonder if this happens with wired AA and CP as well.
Can you post some pics and tell me exactly where to get yours?
Many thanks.
Thanks. I am very interested getting one Just couple more questions? Does the screen dim when headlights on? Would you able to manually adjust the day and night brightness independently like stock system? Where did you mount the android unit, since stock system already filled up the under screen space.
Yes the screen dims and functions like stock. Brightness is manually adjustable for both the android OS and the stock unit. The android unit is within the screen itself, you just remove the stock unit, detach the screen from the box and attach the new android screen to it. Nothing under the dash otherwise needs to be changed.
Here come my other questions. Haha.
1. Would you be able to use stock USB ports on the android unit?
2. How does android unit AA compare to the stock system? Better widescreen supports without stretching?
3. When running the stock interface without filling up the whole screen, can you have another app on the right instead of the Mazda logo?
3. Any delay switching to the backup camera when you are on the android interface?

These should clean up my confusion. Thanks again!
1 - 3 of 67 Posts