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Next I did some basic mods like Bumper Protector, Cargo Net/Hooks, Cargo Tray, and Door Sill Panels

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Couldn't figure out why the car did not come with a glove box light, so I used an OEM Kia switch and used the existing empty bulb holder to add my own:
View attachment 283226
View attachment 283227

View attachment 283225

Continuing the interior mods, I added the OEM LED Footwell kit:
View attachment 283228

I also changed my Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror out for the OEM Frameless model:
View attachment 283229

I also added the CX-9 Black Overhead console and wired in the LED downlight:
View attachment 283230

Finally found the open/close center air vents from a seller in Poland, so in they went:
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(Not the best picture, but they're there )

Finally I added some velcro strips to the sliding tray in the center console to keep it from moving around constantly:
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Love that rearview mirror!! Where did you get it from and how to install it??

Contrats, really nice car!!

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Thanks man, the rear view mirror I got from BAM wholesale:

It was easy to install, it includes instructions and basically you just have to tap a wire in the A-Pillar, install took me maybe 20 minutes.

Also the glass has LEDs integrated into it so you can see only when the button is pressed.

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Many thanks! I have OEM auto dimming mirror, but w/o mirrorlink. Installation will be just replacing it?

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Spent an afternoon washing the car and installing some parts:

Since I have the front lip and aftermarket side skirts, I decided to complete the look with the rear. So on went the OEM Rear Lower Bumper Diffuser and OEM Rear Roof Spoiler/Wing:
View attachment 284074

I also always liked the look of window visors, I went with the OEM set as they look nearly seamless and subtle:

View attachment 284075 View attachment 284076

Finally, I removed the OEM BM/BN Door Sills as I wanted illuminated ones. The BM/BN ones felt really out of place with the red and gray in the graphic which did not match any other aspect of the car.

I took a chance and purchased the OEM 2019+ BP Mazda 3 Illuminated Door Sills. I already have the BP Mazda 3 rear emblem and skyactiv-g emblem so using the door sill plates matched that and did not have any bright colors on it. Happy to say they fit just fine and work great!

View attachment 284078
View attachment 284079

Not the best picture, but a good indication of how it looks when opening the door at night:
View attachment 284080
Awesome!! Love it!
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