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Hey guys,
First off I'd like to apologize if this forums is in the wrong thread.
My 08 speed lost clutch pressure one day as I was driving. so I took it home and started to go to work
So far I have replaced the master and the slave cylinder hoping that would solve my problem but sadly no.
When I bleed my clutch I get to the point where there is a heavy amount of pressure on the clutch pedals out position but as i go 70% of the way it loses pressure and sticks in. Ive gotten it to come out on its own once but after I push It In again after that, the same problem happens (pressure untill pushed all the way down then sticks last 15%) I had a guy come over and test it and he thinks air is getting into the line upon releasing the clutch. Any ideas? How can I test for air in the line? thanks!
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