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MS3 to MZ3 spoiler swap HOW TO

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Hey! So I wanted to swap a first gen mazdaspeed3 spoiler onto my mazda3 S hatch, which came with no spoiler at all. I couldn't find an in-depth how-to thread on this, so decided to make one myself for anyone else wanting to do this

This was a lot harder than I was expecting, especially because I wanted an OEM MS3 spoiler, didn't want to go the ebay route (but if you do, best of luck!)
After looking for a while I found a MS3 part-out in Ontario (RIP) with the spoiler undamaged and people nice enough to ship it across Canada for me (thanks <3) Cost here really depends on where you get the spoiler from, but they charged me $150 for it (way less than I expected) but after shipping and buying paint, this whole project came out to around $300 CAD

Step 2)
Fit the spoiler
I decided to drill the holes + fit the spoiler before paint, to minimize the chance of messing up the fresh paint while doing this process.
People have different methods, but I went the route of making templates + test-fitting. (TWO PERSON JOB)
Basically, you just want to hold the spoiler exactly where you want it to sit, and lay down some tape guides

Then, make a paper template on the spoiler + mark where the screws go.

And transfer that paper onto the car (following your tape guides)

And drill away! (start with a small drill bit and slowly increase the size of the hole as needed for your screws to be a snug fit)
(we marked a third hole, but it wasn't necessary. Would've been for a clip on the speed3, that I didn't have for my 3. But the 2 screws on each side hold it on just fine!)

Make sure you paint the holes to avoid rust in the future! And I put some tape over my holes just to keep the rain out for the few days until paint was done.
***you don't need very big holes!! This is what mine looked like)

I forgot to take a picture (sorry) but had to drill 2 holes in the middle of the top of the hatch for the wing support. One for the stud, and another (around 0.5in diameter) for the wiring for the brake light!

Step 3)
Disassemble the spoiler for paint (obviously if you're lucky enough to get one that's the right colour, you can skip this step)
So the one half of the black centre support comes off easily, two screws (yellow arrows) and you're good. The metal middle piece has 4 screws that need to come out. But to get the final black plastic piece apart, there's two clips at the back (circled in green) that were a bitch to get apart, ended up breaking one of them.
You need to stick a small pick in there and press down (also pray). If you do break one, it's not the end of the world as the whole thing is held together by screws anyway, and I just pumped a bunch of silicone in there when I was reassembling it, and it still looks perfect today.

You'll also need to remove the brake light. The screws on mine were VERY rusted and seized, so a lot of releasing spray was left on them to soak for a few days.

Step 4)
Primer and paint!
We rigged up a little stand to hold it during paint, but hanging it would work just as well.
Make sure to clean + sand the spoiler down before spraying anything!!

Once it's sanded + free of oils, hit it with some self-etching grey primer

After that dries, a few coats of paint!
(Since my paint code is 34K Crystal white pearl, I needed 2 different paints, a white base and a top clear coat also full of gorgeous pearls )

Don't forget the bracket for the brake light!

Step 4)
Definitely let the paint fully dry before interacting with it too much, then put everything back together.

Step 5) Mount it!
Note: the connections for the brake light are not the same from MS3 to MZ3, so you're going to have to strip the wires and either solder them together, or use quick connects (what I did)



Hope this helps someone else!
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