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ms3 springs on a 2.0 sedan

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do you think it would drop it any. the speed is about 300 to 400 pounds heavier than the 2.0 sedan and the springs are calibrated for the extra weight especially in the front.
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im sure it would drop it alittle bit more than stock height
all i really want is better handling. my parents wont let me get lowering springs but i figured they wont notice these since they are only .5in drop they wont notice
Do you have 18's? U could go 18x8 and run 25/45/18 tires it handles awesome!! And that's with stock springs
naw i got 17x7 with 225/45 tires
not bad! then i guess go with the springs then
which are stiffer ms3 springs or RB springs
that im not really sure, maybe the ms3 are stiffer?
anyone selling any ms3 springs or RB springs
just got rid of mine :( there's some for sale on that other forum
LOL post the link!
its cool i got RB springs on now
i posted them under the lowered rides thread
I have a set of Mazdaspeed non-turbo mazda3 springs for sale if anyone is interested.

PM me.
if you buy me HANDR lowering springs, ill give you my ms3 factory springs :)
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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