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Whats up guys.
New to the forum and new to Mazda ownership. I also have a Maxima and Ive owned multiple Subies.

Bought an 07 MS3 2 weeks ago.

133 k on the body
5 k on the motor and clutch.

Car is decently modified and was Freektuned to put down 350hp/torque to the wheels.

Some mods done....
Upgraded Motor mounts
3.5" full intake
Upgraded HPFP
Catless long downpipe
FMIC with TR8 core
GFB fully adjustable BOV/BPV
BNR s3 upgraded turbo
Fully adjustable suspension
Performance brake kit
Turbo Timer
Electronic Boost Controller

The guy I bought it from told me that the CEL doesnt work. Its burned out or something. Which is why he blew the original motor and put in the newer one with all the upgrades.

So Ive put 500 miles on it so far.
I hooked up my OBDII bluetooth scanner and ran the Torque app yesterday for the first time to just fool around....

Ran check engine codes and a P2009 code popped up.
Comes up... Intake Manifold Runner Control Circuit Low Bank 1a

I do some googling and see that most ppl fix it by checking the connectors and hoses.

I did that. All seems connected and solid.
I cant find much on the Bank 1 aspect of the code? Everything seems to just revolve around checking connectors. Where is bank 1? What is bank 1? lol

So am I to assume the actual solenoid needs replaced?

Anything else I can check first?

Thanks everyone.

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