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Minor question?

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I'm planning on doing the "Custom Adaptive Headlights w/ Angel Lights" mod, and I'm wondering if a local O'Reillys carries stealth light bulbs to replace my turn signal lights? Thanks for the help.
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I think you guys need to get laid!! why so hostile?
if you're really think that's the problem, you're welcome to come and solve it. are you hot? wait, don't answer. i got a paper bag if anything.
I dont think you can handle me!
okay okay I was having a bad morning and with messages it all depends on your attitude when you read a message. That doesnt make much sense.

Anyway my point is most of you want to be moderators ( and I get that we need that) Then lead by example and be kind to those who just dont know!! We are all "friends" here. I know that if I mistakenly post something that could be solved by a monkey I would rather not be criticised or humiliated publicly but rather send a pm or email saying ... check your bleep'n' manual!!! Just saying! And I am very sorry if I have done this already!

As far as the "friend" thing goes sorry guys its not a " friends with benefits" situation. And I am sure most of you have no problem as far as the getting laid thing goes.
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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