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Minor question?

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I'm planning on doing the "Custom Adaptive Headlights w/ Angel Lights" mod, and I'm wondering if a local O'Reillys carries stealth light bulbs to replace my turn signal lights? Thanks for the help.
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i got a minor question. maybe you can help. i'm wondering if people forgot how to use phones to ask retailers if they carry a certain product? thanks for the help.
I think you guys need to get laid!! why so hostile?
if you're really think that's the problem, you're welcome to come and solve it. are you hot? wait, don't answer. i got a paper bag if anything.
we really need moderators here, and yes, it does get old but wasting your time every time someone does this (make a minor question thread) just makes me think you really have nothing to do but to come in and bash on whoever started it, just my 2 cents, stick to the thread if not, why answer.
wtf are you talking about? we all helped him.
okay okay I was having a bad morning and with messages it all depends on your attitude when you read a message. That doesnt make much sense.

Anyway my point is most of you want to be moderators ( and I get that we need that) Then lead by example and be kind to those who just dont know!! We are all "friends" here. I know that if I mistakenly post something that could be solved by a monkey I would rather not be criticised or humiliated publicly but rather send a pm or email saying ... check your bleep'n' manual!!! Just saying! And I am very sorry if I have done this already!

As far as the "friend" thing goes sorry guys its not a " friends with benefits" situation. And I am sure most of you have no problem as far as the getting laid thing goes.
if i was a mod, i'd act like one.

i was just joking about the whole getting laid thing btw. lol
Maybe starting to act like a mod will give you a better chance of being one.....maybe thats what the Administrator is looking at?
that'd be like acting in a professional manner like you're at work when you're not. if i don't become one, i really don't care. the other people who sent in their requests know what they're doing.
So you dont act like a adult when you are not at work?
...you completely missed my point. i meant the way you act at your job and, for example, with your friends are different.

Let's get back to talking about mazda's or subaru's. Nobody cares really, let's stop, and stop pretending to be forum police.
yeah, let's get back to talking about subarus on a mazda board. that makes sense. better yet, let's get back to the thread's topic and talk about people's lack of ability to pick up a phone.
1 - 6 of 29 Posts
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