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Copying the highly success GM "real people not actors" series of ad campaigns, Mazda is rolling out is new "Driver's Choice" ad. First the backstory, with the add at the bottom link.

GM Authority said:
Mazda Takes A Page From Chevrolet’s ‘Real People, Not Actors’ Ad Campaign (By Sean Szymkowski)

Say what you will of Chevrolet’s “Real People, Not Actors” ad campaign, but it’s producing results for the brand. The advertisements have penetrated the market in a way Chevrolet never saw coming after the idea was born from a standalone Chevrolet Colorado ad.

The campaign has also won awards, despite its mockable presence. Naturally, there will be emulators—and it’s Mazda.

The Japanese automaker recently rolled out its “Driver’s Choice” advertisements, which feature a familiar formula. Though, maybe it’s a little more believable. Owners of premium vehicles test drive cars that are completely outfitted with camouflage, only to reveal the car they liked most was actually a Mazda. Like Chevrolet, any comments from the real people preferring rivals is edited out.

“Responsive,” “intuitive,” and “high quality” are a few buzz words found in the advertisements. Mazda’s spokesperson then invites those watching to “discover a smarter premium.”

The days of catchy jingles seem to be long gone; advertising is all about the real people these days.
Read more: Mazda Reveals Its Own 'Real People' Ad | GM Authority

Here's one of the new Mazda ad's:

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