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Mazda3 2.5 Skyactiv tuning options

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Hi there,

I recently purchased a used 2015 Mazda3 2.5 with the 6spd manual. I'm itching to get it tuned but want to be sure of all my options and what i'm getting myself into before I pull the trigger. I've been reading a lot about OVTune, as he seems to be the main guy for our car. But are there any other tuning options out there? I understand there's a whole process of sending WOT logs back and forth. And then there are handheld OTS tunes available. What's out there, and what's the consensus on them? Thanks.
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Thanks for the reply. Hmm yea that's kinda what I figured. I see you were tuned by him, what's the best way to contact him? I tried having a convo with him over FB and he did reply a couple times but I don't think he frequents it so i've been having difficulty reaching him.
I actually bought this car knowing I would get it tuned lol. My question is, what do you actually get with the tune? Is it possible to have two different tunes (one for 87 octane, another for 93 octane for example) and easily switch back and forth between them on some piece of hardware? And i noticed they also offer handheld units, but not sure if it's offered for our 3rd gen Mazda3's. Which did you buy?
Handheld units are more for OTS tunes and afaik they werent offered on our cars. It is possible to get to different gas trims tuned on however I believe that will be 2x the cost. Each tuning order is specific to a trim of gas, meaning if you want to be tuned on 91, that's what you're paying for.

I personally got tuned on 91, but asked for normal mode to be tuned for fuel economy, and sport mode to be as balls to the wall as possible.
How do you switch between tunes though? Do you have to plug in your laptop into the OBDII and do it that way? Also, i wonder if it's more cost effective, in terms of fuel costs, to do a single octane tune with a fuel economy mode, rather than 87/93 octane tune?
I just realized you have an automatic transmission. I have the manual, so i'm not sure i can tune for two different modes like that. Shoot, i guess you're right the price diff between 87 and 93 isn't that much anyway.
Haha jeez, i should get one of those inverter things that give you a 120v socket from the 12v socket then. My laptop's battery is not the best.
Well i just confirmed with OV. He says i can have additional octane tunes for $75/tune. I did some math and it would take about 5000 miles of driving on 87 to pay for the extra $75, by filling up 87 instead of 93. Is it worth it? Maybe, but not sure yet. But honestly i dunno when i'd ever switch back to 87 tune. Maybe when money is tight? lol.
I though it was 2.0L ? Maybe you got the GT version ? Lucky you, I got the GS :)
Hehe yea have the GT trim. I'm in the US, i don't think we even have a GS trim.
Indeed, and there is currently no handheld tuner option for our cars from OV.

It looks like OVT is now offering a handheld product for our cars! But only for the Denso ECU. Ill have to check which ECU mine has tonight. I've confirmed the official announcement on his facebook page.

Dammit. I have the Mitsubishi ECU lol... I guess it's normal tuning for me. There's no issue doing the normal custom tuning via data logging with the Mitsubishi ECU right?
Hmm, well i don't think i'd ever use all those extra features. The handheld would have been nice, but it's good to know I have this option atleast. Thanks for letting me good sir. How do you like your tune? I have 93 octane feel everywhere where i am (NYC), but i think i might tune for 91 octane to add in an extra layer of buffer.
I don't understand this lol. He made it seem as if handhelds were out of the question for the Mitsubishi ECU. Now a couple days later he releases that. I'm excited, it'll probably be what i end up getting. The ability to switch between different octane tunes on the fly, and not having to wait to send data back and forth. I'll have slightly less gains but i can live with it. And from what you're saying, skyactiver, the gains are mostly at the low/mid range which is exactly what i want. Driving around town and keeping the RPM's between 1700rpm-3000rpm, the car really feels sluggish. If this tune can make the 2000rpm-3000rpm feel like 3000rpm-4000rpm, that'll really change the way the car drives.
Well maybe he didn't know how many he was going to be able to produce. I will say I pulled the trigger on a Denso unit and I cant wait for it to arrive.
Nice! Let us know what your experience with it once you get it. I'm kind of debating right now whether i should get the handheld or the custom tune. Does anyone know if the custom tune allows me to edit the ECU tune myself if i choose? Or is that a different package? I figure if i can learn a little something about tuning by getting the custom tune, I should consider that.
Im starting to think the handheld for the Mitsubishi ECU is an April Fool's Joke lol. It's listed as sold out, and it just doesn't jive with what he's been announcing on his FB page.
Yup, Mazdaedit he tailors the tune to your specific car based on the data you send back to him per successive tune. The handhelds are the same but they're not tailored to your car. You won't have to send data back and forth to him, and you can flash to different pre-made tunes easily. Because you're not sending data back to him, it's not as aggressive of a tune, since he wants to keep an extra layer of safety buffer. What the actual difference in power gains there are between Mazdaedit and handheld tunes are unclear. I wish he'd be a little more descriptive on his website. But i'd imagine something along the lines of a 93 octane tune file from the handheld will probably net the same gains as a 91 octane tune from the Mazdaedit.
Just received an email reply from Mat, apparently the support for the Mitsubishi ecu hand held tuners is real and not an April fool's joke, but it's not ready just quite yet, but soon. In regards to my question about tuning with the hand helds vs the tune kit, you are correct in that there's no back and forth logging with the hand held tuners, just flash and go. He did say though that there wasn't much difference between the 2 methods and that he's dynoed tuned them to be within 1-2 hp within each other. So for the average consumer I think the hand held tuners would be just fine and anyone looking for extra features or more in depth tuning can stick with the tune kit. Looks like Mitsubishi ecu owners will get to join the party soon
Alright! Excellent news! I wonder how he factors in the safety buffer if there is no back and forth data logging.
I think OVTuned might be having second thoughts with the Handheld tuner for the Mitsubishi ECU's. Last I checked in with Matt, he said there was an significant delay in them. I checked his website today and it's been entirely removed from the product line. Perhaps I should just go with the regular tuning route. Maybe i'll do a 91 octane tune just incase I run into a gas station around here that only sells 91 Octane, and to create a safety buffer.
I'm in the same boat (Mitsu ECU, 2.5 MT, but 2018). The ECU label says "PSAD". Any updates on the OV Mitsu handheld?
I don't think they're looking to support it anymore. Last I heard from Matt, it's not up to them because they're not the ones developing the software in order to access the Mitsu ECUs. Honestly I just bought the regular tuning package. You have the choice to upload an OTS tune through that, so no need to do back and forth logging.
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