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Hi, Just upgraded FW from OS Version 51.00.351 Mazda6 (JM6-GJ / YoM 2015) to OS Version 56.00.513 4A N and about to take the dip into some of the awesome MZD-AIO Tweaks made available on this forum.

Have a couple of queries in proceeding with same though and thus appreciate any advice/guidance or direction to any pages on this forum that has already answered same - apologies in advance, its a lot of pages even to swift through ...

Here goes ...
First plan to install the Auto Run & Recovery - ID7_Recovery Scripts, so it will allow me to continue to use & update the Tweaks in the future event of an upgrade > FW V59.00.502+.
a) Question here is do I compile the Dryrun Script ie. to test/confirm if the autorun installation is working properly, together with above ID7 run or should it be done secondaryly after the ID7 installation ?

b) What does the Auto Wifi AP script enable exactly and is it the same as Enable Wifi mod available on the Tweaks (start page) ? I'm on the 4A (ADR) version and Wifi is already enabled - ie. can connect to a nearby Hotspot.

Next will be installing SHH_bringback mod with Force update ticked, along with a couple of other mods including Videoplayer, Castscreen-receiver etc.; ie. to regain SHH access taken out since FW 56.00.511+ and avoid issue of change in password to something unknown on original FW before v56.00.513 (where username = "root") is being upgrade to a higher version later.
c) Question here is does the SHH-bringback and Autorun and Recovery script - ID7 serve the same purpose and thus need not require to be run separately ?

Moving on to the Install Options tab appearing on the top-left hand-side of the Tweaks (start page) ;

Copy Backups -
d) Where does the original files get backed up to when this option is ticked ? Is it to the USB Drive or a separate partition/location internally on the CMU's file system ?

Apps to Resources -
e) Would this be the more recommended option ie. ticked for App files to be installed on to a "Resources" partition instead of on the "Root" folder ? Does this option in-turn cause any performance or recovery/restore limitations when the Apps are used or being uninstalled ?

Retrieve CMU Data -
f) Does this have the same uses as Backup JCI Folder on the Tweaks (start page), but more in terms applicable for FW < 59.00.502 ?

Apologizes again if some of these queries sound just too trivial; I'm still just a non-tech. novice on this whole subject and want to avoid a situ of unnecessarily brinking my CMU by a faulted move, when performing these tweaks.

Thanking you in advance...
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