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Mazda cannot import contact from smartphone

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Previously I used iPhone 6 plus and Blackberry Z3, both phones are connected to MZD via bluetooth. I can switch easily from one phone to the other, and MZD always performs import contact successfully.
Nowadays I use a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and although I have connected it to MZD, but MZD cannot import contact at all. The import contact bar just froze and nothings are imported to MZD.

Anyone can help me with this? Thanks a ton.

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Probably the phone, not the car. When you pair, there is a permission box you have to use in order to export to the car. I had the same problem and that is what fixed it for me.
I had tried that and still not working.
I even went to Mazda dealer to consult it. They tried with different Samsung phone and working.
I'm still confused.
Did the dealer try with your phone? That is the one it needs to work with, not theirs. Go back to the dealer with your phone and have them explain it to you.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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