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Mazda cannot import contact from smartphone

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Previously I used iPhone 6 plus and Blackberry Z3, both phones are connected to MZD via bluetooth. I can switch easily from one phone to the other, and MZD always performs import contact successfully.
Nowadays I use a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and although I have connected it to MZD, but MZD cannot import contact at all. The import contact bar just froze and nothings are imported to MZD.

Anyone can help me with this? Thanks a ton.

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I had tried that and still not working.
I even went to Mazda dealer to consult it. They tried with different Samsung phone and working.
I'm still confused.
Did the dealer try with your phone? That is the one it needs to work with, not theirs. Go back to the dealer with your phone and have them explain it to you.
Done that. And somehow dealer put the blame on the smartphone (S7 edge) and asked me to consult with Samsung dealer. Because Mazda dealer successfully connected my MZD with lower level Samsung phones.
Did the dealer try with your phone? That is the one it needs to work with, not theirs. Go back to the dealer with your phone and have them explain it to you.
I guess there is a contact which an attachment or something else special, which the MZD doesn't like.

You can try to send the contacts to the MZD.

- In Contacts there is a point called "Import selected contacts..." or something like this
- When you select it, some message appear and when you confirm it, the MZD waits 120 seconds to receive contacts via bluetooth
- Go to the phonebook of your phone, select "Export" and "Share all contacts"
- You will be asked how do you like to share them. Select bluetooth and the device "Mazda"

The menues are very different depending on the Android version and vendor of the phone. Especially Samsung has his own structure. But I think it should be clear how it works.

In my case the automatically import of contacts to the MZD always misses the contact photos. When I send them from the phone to the MZD, the photos are also imported. Therefore I've disabled the automatically import to prevent overwriting of my contacts.
Appreciate the help :smile2:

All my contacts are Google's contact not Phone's contact, because I switch phones a lot.
Ordinary users maybe only have phone contacts, not Google's contact.

Maybe this thing make MZD cannot import contact from my phone?

But interesting thing happened yesterday, suddenly MZD can import my contacts, almost all of them, including photo contacts. But only 1x it happened. Now still have difficulties importing contacts.
I had similar problems with older MZD firmware (v51). With older firmware the problem was caused by contacts with (larger) images. Workaround (for android) was to disable sending images (you can do that with the Bluetooth Phonebook application available from Google Play). With current V56 I have no problems.

Sometimes during re-synchronization the progressbar on MZD just hangs for a while (few minutes), especially if you have several hundrets of contacts. It should end with a message (success or fail) anyway.
I think your guess is most appropriate for this issue.
I have more than 1000 contacts and most of them have photo contact, maybe some are in higher resolution.
After eliminating photo contacts now syncing with MZD is easier.

Thanks though.
I would say that this is not extraordinary. Nowadays mostly everybody uses a cloud service to synchronize contacts. I'm using ownCloud and the synchronisation with the MZD is working fine.

I'm still thinking that it could have to do with a single contact.
Have you categorized your contacts? Then you can filter the contact view by a single or more categorys. The MZD will import only these contacts. Maybe you can identify the problem contact by this method.
Turns out big photo contacts causing the unsuccessful contact sync.
Thanks though for your thoughts.
Something with your contacts. Maybe a corrupt one.

I use S7 and all contacts on Google, no issues at all.
Big photo contacts are the culprit.
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