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Mazda cannot import contact from smartphone

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Previously I used iPhone 6 plus and Blackberry Z3, both phones are connected to MZD via bluetooth. I can switch easily from one phone to the other, and MZD always performs import contact successfully.
Nowadays I use a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and although I have connected it to MZD, but MZD cannot import contact at all. The import contact bar just froze and nothings are imported to MZD.

Anyone can help me with this? Thanks a ton.

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I had similar problems with older MZD firmware (v51). With older firmware the problem was caused by contacts with (larger) images. Workaround (for android) was to disable sending images (you can do that with the Bluetooth Phonebook application available from Google Play). With current V56 I have no problems.

Sometimes during re-synchronization the progressbar on MZD just hangs for a while (few minutes), especially if you have several hundrets of contacts. It should end with a message (success or fail) anyway.
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