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I've designed a proper boot screen for Alpine head units when used on a Mazda. I just put a new iLX-207 in my car and it really ties the dash together when you power on the car.

To load the image on your head unit:

1. Download the file linked here:


2. Make sure it's named openingfile.bmp.

3. Get a USB thumb drive. Make sure it's formatted FAT32. Make a folder in the root of the drive called OPENINGFILE (case sensitive!), then drop the openingfile.bmp into that folder.

4. Plug the thumb drive into your Alpine's USB port, then power on the car.

5. It should recognize the image and ask if you want to proceed with the customization, tap the continue button.

6. After it says it's successful, unplug the thumb drive, and switch your car off then on. You should now see the new boot screen.

Some alpine units have different methods for setting the boot screen, this was done on an iLX-207. Check your Alpine manual to see the right way to do it if that doesn't work.

How to make your own custom boot screen:

1. Make an 872x480 image in Photoshop in RGB color mode. Create your design.

2. Scale the image horizontally using a Resize Image function to 800x480.

(If you don't do the design this way, it'll look stretched when you load it).

3. Save the file as a 24 bit Windows format .BMP file. MAKE SURE IT IS 24 BIT! 32 and 8 bit will not work.


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I am looking in to replacing the factory head unit on my 2013 3-GS-Sky. I don't know what all I am going to need. I don't want to have to replace anything else. I like the rest of the Bose system.

What all did you have to buy when you changed out your system?

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