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Hello my dear friends

I have a car Mazda 6 2017 and Mazda CX7 2017 Full Option

R-BCM FOR Mazda 6 2017
;Block 1
;Block 2
;Block 3

I want to activate other features such as
enable the find my car
Or a program to modify them and activate the closed characteristics of the company
Thank you so much
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Do not give me his fish, but teach me how to catch them

ok i'm trying 0:)

this is only an example of the calculation on a mazda 3, I do not know if on the mazda 6 are the same bit to change

find my car is in line 7B7 01 02 bit 6 in B0.

so you have 7 B7 01 02 A5 04 03 80 08 F5.

F5 is the checksum, you have to calculate it every time there is a change in the line

A5 is B0, 04 is B1, 03 is B2, 80 is B3, 08 is B4 , F5 is the checksum.

A5 is in hexadecimal, you must convert it to binary: A5 = 10100101.

from left b0=1 b1=0 b2=1 b3=0 b4=0 b5=1 b6=0

to change b6 to 1 add 100000 + 10100101 in binary convert to hexa 40 +A5=E5

your new line is 7 B7 01 02 E5 04 03 80 08 35.

the checksum is : 7+B7+01+02+E5+04+03+80+08=35 in hexa.

I'm not sure that this is very clear but my level of English does not allow me more. :dunno:
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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