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Mazda Apple Carplay implementation

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I DIY'ed the official Carplay/AA install on my 2017 Mazda3. It's functioning fine, but I have a few thoughts after a couple months of user experience if you will allow me to rant.

Basically Carplay is an improvement over the original infotainment but implementation in the MZD connect system is miles behind what I've experienced in other systems. In both Kia/Hyundai and Ford systems I've used personally, the loading times and responsiveness is orders of magnitude better than with MZD such that as soon as I connect the iphone to USB, it is instantaneously ready to go. In my Mazda, both the system load time after starting the car and lag time for Carplay to initiate after USB connection is painfully laggy.

Also, Carplay UI really functions best with full touchscreen integration. Touch lockout when car is moving is annoying. And I don't agree with the safety excuse... trying to navigate the functions with rotary knob is not intuitive on many apps and takes my eyes off the road MUCH longer than being able to quickly tap the screen. Also, even when car is at a stop, touch function is limited compared to other Carplay systems (for example, you cannot pan/zoom maps or scroll through lists by dragging).

While I don't regret doing the install, I've realized not all Carplay systems are created equal. Using it in a recent Kia rental was a revelation. Improved usability from the snappy connection/load speeds and full touch functions cannot be overstated.

Thoughts or advice? Agree or disagree?
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Im just considering getting CP for my wife’s 3. Seems overall you’re happy with the upgrade which is a reassuring start but a couple things still on my mind.

Can you advise if the HUD still shows direction information and also if the map app’s give the same speed warning and speed camera notifications/warnings as the MZD original Nav?

Also, as you have mentioned the lag/load times...do you know what sort of time this is (few seconds, half a minute, etc). for the initial loading and connection through the iPhone cable.


The HUD works only with the built-in MZD nav system but not with Carplay's maps. So you will not get directions or speed limit info through Apple Maps or Google Maps running on Carplay projected onto the HUD.

When starting the car cold with my phone plugged in, it seems to take minute or so before everything is loaded up and Carplay is ready to go. What's annoying is there's also some lag (10-15 sec sometimes?) when MZDconnect is already booted up and then I connect the phone before Carplay is up and running. It's strange but this lag seems to vary from time to time (on a few occasions, almost right away).

The limited touch control, again, sucks. And I say this as generally a fan of the rotary control knob. MZDconnect is much more "tuned" to function through the knob controller, but Carplay is not really.

Again, all that said, I still think the install was worth it for me at least, for Apple/Google maps if nothing else.
Thanks for the honest review!

Certainly given us something to think about...as my wife uses her music and maps through her phone I think it will still be worth it for us and she really likes the control knob but I feel CarPlay is more suited to touch and seems the way from what you’ve said.

It just seems strange that Mazda restricts touch so much when other manufacturers do not. I appreciate its their take on ‘safety’ but surely there should be an option to enable full touch...even if it comes with a disclaimer...I’d be happy with that but there ya go.

Thanks again for the info! Will let you know what we think if/when it’s installed.

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