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Mazda Apple Carplay implementation

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I DIY'ed the official Carplay/AA install on my 2017 Mazda3. It's functioning fine, but I have a few thoughts after a couple months of user experience if you will allow me to rant.

Basically Carplay is an improvement over the original infotainment but implementation in the MZD connect system is miles behind what I've experienced in other systems. In both Kia/Hyundai and Ford systems I've used personally, the loading times and responsiveness is orders of magnitude better than with MZD such that as soon as I connect the iphone to USB, it is instantaneously ready to go. In my Mazda, both the system load time after starting the car and lag time for Carplay to initiate after USB connection is painfully laggy.

Also, Carplay UI really functions best with full touchscreen integration. Touch lockout when car is moving is annoying. And I don't agree with the safety excuse... trying to navigate the functions with rotary knob is not intuitive on many apps and takes my eyes off the road MUCH longer than being able to quickly tap the screen. Also, even when car is at a stop, touch function is limited compared to other Carplay systems (for example, you cannot pan/zoom maps or scroll through lists by dragging).

While I don't regret doing the install, I've realized not all Carplay systems are created equal. Using it in a recent Kia rental was a revelation. Improved usability from the snappy connection/load speeds and full touch functions cannot be overstated.

Thoughts or advice? Agree or disagree?
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When starting the car cold with my phone plugged in, it seems to take minute or so before everything is loaded up and Carplay is ready to go. What's annoying is there's also some lag (10-15 sec sometimes?) when MZDconnect is already booted up and then I connect the phone before Carplay is up and running. It's strange but this lag seems to vary from time to time (on a few occasions, almost right away).
Even though I have not installed OEM AA/CP or via AIO tweaks as I'm still on the fence moving forward, appreciating and awaiting more reviews, I do have thoughts on your observation about what you see at startup. My observation is this which probably in some or all aspects affects how the AA/CP begins at start up. If you in just a few seconds....unlock your car, get in, connect your phone and start your car, you likely will see a longer delay. However, if you unlock your car, take several seconds or a couple of minutes to put things in the trunk/hatch, put dogs/kids in the car, etc. then get in, connect and then start the car you will probably see a much shorter delay. What I have noticed is once you unlock the car, the CMU "clock" also begins...the longer delay between unlocking the car and starting the engine, greatly reduces the delay of the infotainment screen. In the second scenario I have described above, I have noticed the screen, whether radio, USB, navigation etc. will begin within 3-5 seconds once I start the car. In scenario one, it will take 10 to 15 seconds before the radio,USB loads, followed by 10 more seconds for navigation.
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