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Mazda 3 Sport G165 Clutch broke at 225km

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Hello guys,

This is my first post on this forum since last week was my first time buying a Mazda car. I went with the Mazda 3 Sport (the hatchback) with a G165 MT 2.0 Petrol engine. The equipment level was Revolution, to some countries I think that translates to S-something.

So to start it on a high note, my clutch broke down when I had 225km, and the car was 6-7 days old. Of course when this happened I used my Mazda Traffic Assistance card, called for help, and I was told that I had to wait till the next day(today) because they can't find me in the system, weird though right? I mean I was suppossed to be in their database since the moment I left with my car the first time on week ago.

Weird enough, after making some pressure for having them verify it asap, they told me that it was MY FAULT(yeah, after 225km, the nerve on those guys) that the clutch broke down, and that I had to pay for it. The reason being "inadequate use", which sounds silly after such a small period of time and such a small mileage.

Now, I am worried, if the clutch broke so fast, what else follows? What if I was on a highway or express road while getting past someone, and other several what if's.
I am araid to drive that same vehicle again to be honest, but I don't know how to do next.

One more thing that got me worried was that when they gave me my car, the plastic parts inside, where the window buttons are and next to the stick, did not have a shield, and they were already scratched. Also, the seats didn't have any cases and the car smelled really bad.

Did any of you guys go through something similar? Btw the car was made in Mexic, but I was told that all Petrol Mazda 3's are made there nowadays.

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