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Hi All,

I have recently purchased a 2010 Mazda 3 MPS (UK version of the Speed3 I think). The car is great and I love it but there is something that is bothering me. This doesn't happen when the engine is cold, only when its warmed up. If I take off in first in a straight line no problems at all but if I try to take off or reverse at a tight angle I find the car stumbling. It sounds like wheel rub but isn’t (stock everything) and could almost be a slight shudder/panel rattle. This is a slight vague description I know but I was hoping for some advice prior to the next step which is garage advice. I have watched reviews online of the car and no one seems to have this issue. If I turn the wheel full lock when coasting, not problem in either direction. Is it that I just need to give is a bit more gas. Every car I have ever driven (all manual for 18 years) is easy to drive/manoeuvre at low speeds but nothing of this power.

Car passed UK MOT with no advisories three weeks before I collected it.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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