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Mazda 3 MPS 2006 cluster / fuel guage issue

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Hi peoples,

I have a problem with FUEL level guage.

Sometimes it reads very high like 150% full

Sometimes it reads low.

And when I turn off ignition and remove key, the fuel level will go to zero (which it's meant to do), but sometimes it will go up to 1/4 of a tank or some other random level.

Even if I remove the fuel level that's plugged on the tank, it will still do weird things.

Thanks peoples!!

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I have a used SP23 auto cluster that I want to use as a "test" unit

I have programmed the remote control LOCK/UNLOCK key no problem at all.

But how do I program the chip???

I bought the cluster second hand from Formaz spare parts in N.S.W. and do not have any original keys that belonged to this cluster!

Sorry to be a pain.

I have 3 remote control's and 2 extra working keys for my current Mazda 3 mps.

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