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Hi all,
Following with my retrofits "challenges", I will give you my results about retrofitting AFS.
Take in consideration that:
  • I already retrofitted the FSC (with all of its features), check here.
  • My car is originally equipped with ALS LED headlights.
  • My car doesn't have steering wheel warmer and doesn't have two stage deployment of airbag.
What do you need for AFS (or at least what I bought):
  • AFS module: B63D-51-02X
  • Clockspring with Angle Sensor (they came togheter): KD49-66-CS0A
  • AFS LED headlights: BBNW-51-031 (right) and BBNW-51-041 (left)
  • Wire harness for the AFS LED headlights: BABH-51-0K6 x 2 (1 for each headlight)
  • If your current headlights doesn't have side marker lights, you will need a pair of T10 bulbs for them (I used the bulbs from the licence plate lights has I changed them to LED).
The retrofit is kind of "simple" as you don't need to create additional wiring (consider that my car already has LED headlight, if yours don't, that is another story). The tricky part is that you need to remove driver side airbag and steering wheel for the angle sensor and the front bumper for the headlights. Procedures are attached (sorry, in spanish).

Note about Angle Sensor
I bought a used Clockspring+Angle Sensor from ebay according to the features of my car, KD49-66-CS0A (no steering wheel warmer and no two stage deployment). When received I realized that the airbag connector was missing (I got refunded) but the angle sensor was OK and it can be removed from the clockspring. So I remove it and installed it on my original clock spring (y)

From 720-04-14: 03-20-00-01-00-63
To 720-04-14: 03-30-00-01-00-73
...nothing more.

AFS is working excellent:
AFS Lights Test.gif

...but DRL is not working as old headlights:
On old headlights (ALS) and with lights switch to "Auto": at day light LED DRL is on at full brightness and main lens LED is off; at night, LED DRL is on but dimmed and main lens LED is on.
On new headlights (AFS) and with lights switch to "Auto": at day light LED DRL is on but dimmed and main lens LED is on; at night remains the same.

Anyone with some clues about how to keep the DRL behavior as my old headlights? (main lens off when DRL).



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