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G'day from Australia!

I just picked up my first Mazda, a 2006 Mazda 3 2.0 manual.

This rocket is gonna be used on the track only, won't be street driven. Went on a mission to remove some weight from the vehicle. I'm keeping tabs in my phone of everything I gut out of the car. I am a 105kg sack of meat so I have to compensate for the lack of power by making this car lighter!

Here is the list of items that I've removed so far, and each item has been weighed with an accurate set of kitchen scales (weights are within 50g). I'll update this cumulative as I take more things out of my 3:

From boot -
Tow hook 350g
Jack handle 300g
Wheel brace 350g
Spare wheel cover 1800g
Spare wheel cover carpet 2000g
Jack 1700g
Spare wheel 9100g
Spare wheel bracket 200g
Number plate lights 100g

Interior rear-
Boot lid trim 500g
Parcel shelf 2200g
Inner boot trims 1200g
Boot jam trim 800g
Rear passenger floor mat 800g
Boot carpet 2000g
Rear passenger ashtray 100g
Rear seat bracket LH 250g
Rear seat bracket RH 250g
Rear seat bracket centre 650g
Rear seatbelt LH 700g
Rear seatbelt RH 700g
Rear seat base 5100g
Rear seat LH 4800g
Rear seat RH 9400g
Wheel arch trims 1200g
Rear airbag trims 700g
Centre seat belt 700g
Centre seat belt stalks 300g
Rear seatbelt stalks 300g

Interior front:
Front floor mats 1000g

Engine compartment-
Plastic engine cover 1200g

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G'day Deadwood. We're preparing an SP23 for circuit racing. There is a lot more weight that can be removed from under the car as well. We found bolted plates to suspension arms as one example. (They must have been installed for NVH). Keep looking !
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